We Focus On Quality, And Excellent 'Design Service', As Being The Keystone Of Our Practice.

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+91 93728 02388


Office Address

Royal Enclave, 406, B-Wing Next to Sona Udyog, Parsi Panchayat Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400069.


Dura-Line creates what connects us. Every time you pick up your cell phone, log into the internet, or use your i-anything, it’s because our HDPE pathways protect that delicate string of glass called a fiber optic cable that carries everything from precious pictures of your puppy to the latest sports scores.

Project Features

The aim was to create a space that reflected Duraline’s predominant position in the industry, highlighted the company's brand, and renew the company's culture. Smart space planning and efficient zoning maximized visual connections between hierarchical spaces.

Sustainability was a key component of the overall project, following accurate planning, incorporating schemes to reduce unnecessary waste wherever possible. The sourcing of sustainable products and materials was carefully considered.

The result is a design that shifted the concept of space, providing an office that all employees can share and experience, balancing autonomy, comfort, privacy and social interaction, technology and collaboration with exciting new things to provide a sense of freedom and independence.